the process


Getting to know YOU.

This is the initial phase to find out your needs, goals, motivations, and previous training background. Each client of OPEX Morgantown will sit down one-on-one with their OPEX coach to dive into YOUR life, YOUR goals, YOUR time. This is where we set the foundation for where you want to go with your fitness journey.


Starting where YOU are now.


In order to maximize your training program to be specifically tailored to you and your fitness goals, your coach will guide you throughout a series of assessments to break down your movement patterns, conditioning, strength, and endurance.  You and your personal coach will refer back to these assessments and use as a baseline for progress throughout your time with OPEX Morgantown. This is very vital part of the programming process.


Through your personalized training program, you will be given weekly program updates delivered to you via TrueCoach app, which will provide you with your daily exercises, demonstration videos, workout instructions, and previous/current results. This will give you all the tools you need to successfully complete your workout for the day. Additionally, all on-site clients will receive access to the OPEX gym in Morgantown, West Virginia, to complete their daily training and receive coaching support. Your coach will monitor your progress through feedback provided verbally or through the TrueCoach app to adjust your training as needed.


Your success is important to US.

Each month you will sit down with your coach one-on-one and review your training progress, nourishment, and lifestyle goals and receive feedback to enhance your performance to keep you on track.