What makes a client Successful

1. Honor fitness. Honor that our bodies are able capable of physically performing exercise. Exercise is not a punishment, but an enhancer of life.

2. Honor the coach. Respect their time, knowledge, and advice. Coaches are very unique as they have a special care for the well-being on a personal level of their clients. Always keep this in mind and be respectful and understanding.

3. Align with your goals. Know what your best self and best life look like. Be honest with yourself about how willing you are to commit to make a change. Find your “sweet spot” of enjoying life and setting guidelines to maintain health. If you have had several failed attempts at reaching a goal, either you need to change the actions to reach your goal… or change the goal itself.

4. Define what success and progress mean to you. Not everyone wants quantifiable outcomes like being stronger, or leaner, or eating cleaner. Some people may just want to develop consistency, daily habits, or routines. You, the client, have to be clear with what you want and what progress will looks like.

5. Enjoy the journey. The journey is the destination. Stop looking for the ending and enjoy all the impressive things you do and learn along the way.

6. Do the basics really well. Lock down the easy stuff like sleep, hydration, stress, routine, and habits, so there is more wiggle room for when the other stuff becomes difficult.

7. Connect with yourself through fitness. Explore how your body moves. Understand your thoughts. Know your purpose behind why training and fitness are important to you. Use fitness to become more in tune with yourself and as a form of self care.

8. Do not take an all or nothing approach. Think more about “higher order” habits. Learn that there is no “wagon.” There is no good time or bad time to start taking your health serious. There are just seasons of life. Your developed habits help you weather the storm during the more chaotic times (aka vacations, work stress, kids activities, holidays, etc.)

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