Spring Clean your dietary habits

By: Chloe Honaker

After a long winter, and an even longer year, we welcome sunshine and flowering trees with open arms. The season of outdoor dining, cookouts, and beer with friends is finally upon us. As we welcome the changing season we ask you to welcome a spring clean up for your dietary habits. By now you know the basics to maximizing your nutrition:

Manage your portions

Eat consistently

Focus on food quality

Eat more colors

You’ve already built a strong nutritional foundation with your coach, and we want you to stay committed to your ever evolving relationship with nutrition. A spring clean up is about awareness. It’s tidying the areas that have been neglected. It’s about tending to the things that matter to you. It’s seeing the messes you’ve made and showing up to do better.

To us, a nutritional spring clean up means getting curious about your dietary patterns by asking questions like:

What foods bring me satisfaction?

What foods make me feel unhappy? Why?

How has my relationship with food been the last few months?

What can I clean up in my diet?

What can I add to my diet?

How quickly do I finish my meals?

How has my digestion been?

Are my dietary patterns supporting my growth?

What habits influence my dietary patterns?

We hope these questions bring you a sense of commitment to yourself, excitement for the process, and curiosity around your dietary patterns. Here are some tips to maximize your nutrition this season:

Shop Local in Season Produce

Eat local to support local farmers and consume the freshest, most nutrient dense produce available. Morgantown Farmers Market will start their summer market on Saturday, May 1st, at Morgantown Marketplace on Spruce Street.

Be Aware of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Every year new lists of foods are released to inform consumers of the “dirtiest” produce (highest pesticide residues), and cleanest produce. If shopping locally isn’t an option, refer to those lists to find what produce will maximize your nutrition.

Take Your Time

The gift of sunshine means the gift of fresh food. Consciously enjoying your meals jumpstarts the digestive process Slow down and chew your food thoroughly, savor the flavors, and make the most of the season by enjoying meals with friends and loved ones.

Now get out there and stay curious, enjoy the sunshine, maximize your nutrition and support your local farmer.

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