Overcoming barriers in fitness

It can be difficult to integrate exercise into our daily lives. Oftentimes we get stuck in cycles of wanting a new routine, but not actually doing the things it takes to make that routine a habit. At OPEX we say that we want your fitness to be like breakfast-- just another part of your day that you don’t have to think twice about. Overcoming the barriers that keep you wanting instead of doing is essential to your health and wellness.

Today we want to share with you our clients’ experiences on overcoming common barriers in exercise. “I don't have enough time.”

I am a wife, mom of 3 young crazy boys, and a teacher. Working out for me has turned into as much mental as it is physical. With three young boys and a husband, I very rarely can find time to focus on only my needs. Sometimes the gym at 5am is the only “me time” I can find in the day and I make it a priority. It is sometimes hard to lose an extra hour of sleep, but I know taking time to focus on myself makes me not only physically healthier, but also a better wife and mom to my boys. I use my energy on the things that are the dearest to me and if I find extra time or energy for others it is an added bonus. This mindset has taken a really long time, and is something I still have to often remind myself of often! As a family, my husband Ryan and I both strive to teach our boys the importance of health. We try to focus on bettering ourselves so that we can continue to keep up and play with them. We teach them that we go to the gym to stay healthy. We don’t focus on physically changing our body, or making us thinner. OPEX and working out is time that each of us get to take away from our family and focus on ourselves. I initially joined OPEX because I needed accountability and change. I was postpartum with our third son, in the middle of a pandemic and wasn't feeling like myself. I wanted to feel like Megan again. At the time my husband and cousin were members and recommended OPEX. I was always an active person, but never had weight trained before and was intimidated by the unknown. OPEX is not only a gym, but a community. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting. I never felt like I was the “new person”. At OPEX I found I was able to work towards my personal fitness goals all while building friendships and being social (my favorite part!!)

The Warner Family

“I can’t afford that. That's a lot to commit to..”

My family and I have worked out at OPEX for 2 years now. Before OPEX my family did CrossFit, competitions, competitive swimming and school sports. We used to pay less for coaching, but we realized that we needed to train smart and sustainably, for the long run. What we love about OPEX is the individualized programming that focuses not only on someone’s strength, but also their weaknesses to prevent injuries and make them more well rounded. Physical activity for us is the only way to stay young, healthy, and energized, and hopefully be there for our kids in the long run. It gives us the opportunity to work out together, stay connected and build a better relationship with each other. Our health and vitality is worth more than the money we spend and the 3-5 hours a week we commit to OPEX (and ourselves).

Seth, Dag, and Rick

“I’ve never worked out before. I’m intimidated.”

My name is Anie and I am 27 years old. I am a registered nurse and just graduated with my master’s degree in nursing. I joined OPEX in 2018 after struggling with finding a fitness program that worked for me since I stopped playing soccer after graduating high school. I had dabbled in strength training for a year or two but never had found anything that ‘clicked’. My friend convinced me to come with her to OPEX, and at first I was extremely intimidated because I thought it was similar to CrossFit. The coaches were fit, strong, and serious about fitness. I was convinced that I would never fit in here because I’d never done CrossFit or had been consistent with a training program. However, Kayla and everyone within OPEX was extremely kind, thoughtful, and respectful to my capabilities and fitness level. When I started attending floor sessions, it was easy to see that every single person’s workout was tailored to what they wanted and needed out of OPEX. My training has been incredibly personalized. I have felt challenged but never defeated. I have always felt supported and encouraged by Kayla and Chloe, and I am looking forward to many more years training with OPEX.

Anie Mayle

If you’re considering starting a new fitness routine, let our coaches and community help you overcome your barriers.

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