Here at OPEX Morgantown we believe in your power to accomplish your goals.

We challenge you to set goals for a lifetime.

We push you to look beyond lofty, short term goals.

We want you to KNOW that the habits that we create are supporting your fitness for a lifetime.

We’ve offered you guidance on setting successful 10-year goals (link here).

Today we want to talk to you about the in-between.

You have set this awesome goal that you’re driven to accomplish. Managing what is in between setting that new goal and accomplishing that new goal is crucial. We know that accomplishing our goals is not a linear path. Oftentimes there’s curves, circling back, feeling stuck, feeling small… and BAM, one day it hits you how much you have grown. It hits you how you have formed this new habit that you once never imagined you could. That’s the thing with goal setting and goal attainment—if you aren’t aware of the “in-between”, you miss it. You miss how notable it is that you have been 100% compliant with your training program for the last 3 months. You miss how huge it is that you’re able to get 1 more strict pull up in that EMOM. You forget where your journey began, and how you felt walking out of the gym after that first training session.

When we talk about fitness for a lifetime, we need you to understand that there will always be another goal to chase. That’s the beauty of OPEX methodology—we will keep you well, keep you moving, so that you may keep chasing your goals for your lifetime.

When we talk about fitness for a lifetime, we also mean embodiment. Embodiment is defined as the representation or expression of something in tangible or visible form. You may be thinking “how do I embody a back squat 1RM?” or “how do I embody 10lbs of weight loss?” To embody is to trust. Trust whatever physical expression you are capable of today is guiding you to that 1RM. Trust that showing up for training 3x a week is guiding you to that weight loss. To embody your goals is to be aware of the in between. You are not there yet, but each day you show up full of vigor and trust in the process.

Now we invite you to make this personal. How graceful are you chasing your goals? Are you patient and trusting of your journey? Or are you critical of your work and impatient with your results? Your actions are not the only thing influencing your goals. Your dialogue, attitude, and vigor all influence your daily wellness. Your daily wellness influences your habits. Your habits influence your 10-year goals. So maybe you are human, and you have been a little tough on yourself. Maybe you realize you have spent your whole life accomplishing incredible things and have not once stopped to appreciate your efforts and embody what you have been chasing. Maybe you realize you have set dozens of goals and very few have come to fruition.

When moving towards your goals, the in-between, we offer you this advice:

Look beyond the metrics

Tracking metrics like weight, workout speed, or max strength cannot capture the complete picture of your journey. While they can be helpful measures for your coach, they can also keep you stuck in living for goal attainment and not embodiment. Consistency, energy levels, digestion and sleep quality should all be considered when tracking progress.

Tune in to your dialogue

We ask you to notice the inner dialogue you perpetuate. How gracefully are you chasing your goals? Are you proud of your body for all its hard work and progress? Or do you shame yourself for not being where you think you should be? How are you recognizing the small yet important shifts you are making? When we allow ourselves to notice even the smallest shifts in our lives, we’re able to see how much we are already growing.

Tend to your energy and vigor

Setting a goal to do better for yourself is not an easy thing to do. Part of creating success is managing your energy and vigor on your pursuit. How are you chasing the goal? Are you excited and energized to work towards your goal? Managing your training compliance, sleep patterns, and nutrition patterns are daily factors that influence your vigor, vitality, and ultimately your 10-year goals. We want you to find excitement in the process!

Embody and trust

Choosing fitness for a lifetime means choosing growth over and over again. This choice requires you to be kind to yourself, to work every day to embody the version of yourself that you are seeking, and to trust that showing up IS enough. Growth begins when we embody the changes we are seeking.

We understand the complexity that comes from setting goals and the complexity that comes from being human. Our job at OPEX Morgantown is to get you moving more fully towards your goals and your fullest expression of self. We ask you to reflect on your journey thus far. Acknowledge how hard you have worked. Notice your relationship with your inner dialogue. Most importantly, trust in yourself and your power to achieve your goals.

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