Clearing the Air

People are listening now more than ever. People are learning and longing for direction and are curious about what they "should" be doing. They need direction and we are here to save people from a flawed industry. We are here to offer a guiding light and a sense of comfort in health in fitness... we are not here to make millions.

During this time, we are doing fine as a business while many others are struggling. I don't say this with arrogance, I say it with pride in the foundation we have laid with our clients leading into this pandemic.

This blog is to answer the unknowns, debunk myths, and explain why having a coach is so important. Many flaws and scams in the fitness industry have been exposed during this pandemic, but have allowed us to emphasize what we have been since day one, and will continue to be going forward. We hope to capture the attention of those seeking something new, something different, and something authentic in fitness!

Some common questions / concerns are:

1. What is different from OPEX versus GROUP training models? (Orange Theory, Cycle Centers, CrossFit, Bootcamp, Etc.)

- OPEX is client-centered. After we were mandated to shut our doors, our model still continues. We didn't shut our doors and say "good luck" and hope our clients come back when we re-open. We are still coaching, communicating, and designing personalized programs for all of our clients. We did not give a generic program that you can google for free on the internet. Everything is built around the relationships we have and individualized to what each client needs... from the workouts, to the nutrition plans, and the conversations had leading up to this point. We are able to provide adjustments to these areas, as well, given the current situation.

2. What is the difference in OPEX and having a personal trainer?

- We are also community based. Just because our clients are not training together in the gym at this time, they are still being interactive virtually. We have weekly outdoor challenges, group ZOOM calls, client recipe shares, virtual workshops, and many interactive conversations. We built this culture during our floor sessions when we were open, and this has continued even after the gym “shut down.”

3. But, I know how to exercise, why would I need a coach?

- Fitness is just a small part of hiring a coach. A coach is like a "pocket health resource.” As a coach, we dive into our client’s habits and lifestyle more than the actual workouts provided. There are a million different methods for exercise and nutrition out there. A coach helps decides which is best for YOU and helps incorporate other lifestyle habits into the plan, like sleep and hydration. The truth is, there is no right or wrong, there is only works best for the client.

4. I bought a nutrition template, I go to a gym, and have a life coach... so, why would I hire another coach?

-Well, let’s start here… Does the person who made your nutrition template know your daily schedule and how it affects your eating habits? Does your group training instructor in a class of 20 people know that you didn't sleep at all last night and stress levels are high so that could affect your training? The problem is they are all not connected. It would be impossible for each coach you hired to connect the dots without the other information. An OPEX coach does! An OPEX coach takes ALL aspects of your life into consideration when designing a program for you. Our coaches are an ALL IN ONE package, and practice all of their teachings in their own lives as well.

5. I am not ready to commit, is there a trial period?

- We are going to be offering a 4 weekk trial starting next week (4/19/2020) for those interested. This will give everyone an opportunity to get the full OPEX coaching experience. You will receive a consult with your coach, a full assessment, and a month of programming. You can contact us through our website to learn more about it at Be on the lookout for more info next week on this, but feel free to contact us in the meantime with any questions.

We understand this is a very uneasy time. At OPEX Morgantown, we are trying to put a stake in the ground around the fitness industry and clear up some of the uncertainties people are facing on how to progress their health while staying at home. Health and fitness are not a one size fits all approach, and we show that to our clients daily.

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