Attention: This is a Wake up call!

This week, we have just flipped the calendars past the half-way mark… crazy right? Where did the first half of the year go? It’s no secret that this year has been chaotic, from a worldwide pandemic to political/civil unrest, it seems like this year has been a hot mess from the jump. However, I believe firmly believe that despite all that has happened in 2020, it’s truly showing each and every one of us that we need to focus our energy on ourselves.  When most of the workforce was sent home to conduct their work, most Americans were only leaving their house if they were considered essential OR to do essential activities. For most of us reading this, that meant we now spent most days doing what work we could, but then having more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. Secondly, the worldwide pandemic has been shown to be more lethal to those who have underlying health concerns. To me, I see this as a wake-up call for everyone to take control over those areas we can control – health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, sleep, etc.. But let’s change the pace a little bit. The month of August is upon us. We are over the hump of 2020. The year is over in less than 150 days. Does that scare you? If it does – good. This should be a wakeup call for you. Have you taken control of your health or have you let it slip? Have you been eating well since you’ve had more time at home or have you got into the routine of eating out? Are you going for daily walks/getting exercise or have you been binge watching shows on Netflix?  These questions aren’t meant to pass judgement, they’re meant to wake you up to the reality of the situation. Your health is paramount. Mentally and physically, your health should be put on the pedestal of the back half of your year. If you’re still reading this, that means you’ve identified that maybe you’ve let some things slip over the past few months. BUT – you’ve keep reading. So let’s talk about a few ways we can kickstart your health and fitness journey to get you back on the right track.   I want to focus on the basics. These few things will help to gradually progress you towards the right path.  Just as the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built overnight’, neither is amazing health and fitness. It takes dedicated time and consistent effort to make these changes. So here are a few simple ways we can work to get you back on track:

  • Create a balance in how you spend your days. Aim to proportion your days equally between working and resting, and you will feel that your stress levels will decrease and your energy will increase.

  • Create balance in ‘when’ you spend your days. Similarly to the first, aim to spend as much time awake while the sun is up and sleeping while the sun is down. This helps our body maintain rhythm in-line with each day, and will help with energy levels and hormone production.

  • Drink more water. Simple enough, but work to increase your water intake up to ½ of your bodyweight in ounces. This will help with digestion, bodily functions, mental clarity, and overall health.

  • Move. Every single day, move your body. It doesn’t have to be a 90-minute long workout, but doing something as simple as a 20 minute walk on a daily basis will facilitate healing within our body and increase digestion/absorption. Additionally, try to do your ‘movement’ without distractions from a cellphone, music, or even other people. This will help you do spend some time in your thoughts to help with mental clarity, or it could help you begin/unwind from your day.

  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time. While getting your full 8 hours may seem important, if you are constantly changing up your sleep schedule, your body is going to be completely out of order. This chaos within the body leads to loss of energy and disruptions in the body’s processes (digestion, hormone activity, central nervous system repair). 

These 5 things may seem insignificant to you but if you don’t believe they will help, I challenge you to try them. For the next 3 weeks in August, pick even just one of the things previously mentioned and stay with it over the course of this month. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and your health, and this will provide an amazing foundation from which you can build other sustainable health habits. As always, we know that sometimes it may be difficult to take these steps and go through your fitness journey on your own. So reach out to us at OPEX Morgantown if you need help staying accountable and receiving guidance during your fitness journey. We look forward to helping you! As always, have a great day. Coach Matt & OPEX Morgantown

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