Olivia Groves

“Leading up to OPEX, I had spent years dabbling in various fitness realms (CrossFit, weight lifting, bodybuilding, etc), but would always end up injured. OPEX’s holistic model of health was what I was most drawn to, because it focuses on building a sustainable lifestyle, and not just a program with short-term results. I train with Kayla at the gym for better overall health, and to prepare for the military once finished with school.
I am shocked with how much better I feel physically. I no longer have back or knee pain that I had been struggling with for years, and have been introduced to a lot of new movements with applications to real-world situations. The environment at OPEX is unbeatable, and everyone training there is super welcoming.

This program focuses on building a body and lifestyle that will sustain you for years, and not just on high-intensity workouts. It breaks down your strengths and weaknesses and establishes new pathways to becoming a healthier individual.
I have trained with Kayla previously, and have always been impressed with her programming. She is incredibly skilled in her field, and knows how to push her athletes to higher levels all the while preventing injuries.”

Phone: 304-940-6122

Opex Morgantown Whitney Godwin.png
Whitney Godwin

This is what a years worth of commitment, 219 workouts, and a 100% compliance looks like. Yes, there has been great physical improvements, but what isn’t shown in this picture is the amount of emotional and mental positivity gained throughout this year. We cannot highlight mental transformations on social media, but this picture goes to show that physical and mental changes go hand and hand. Get your mind right, love yourself, know your body, and if you are kind to it… it WILL do amazing things!
We loved seeing Whitneys ‘s growth in ALL aspects of life this past year. She is a true testament to what focusing on small habits can do. 
Do you want to see changes in your body, mind, and life? Be like Whitney and learn to be kind to yourself, focus on the little things, trust the process, and watch the transformation happen!!

Amanda Griffith

Despite spending a few months outside of the gym, Amanda was able to keep a somewhat normal routine in her household while she was filling the role of full time mom/teacher duty, as well as working full time from home.
Amanda doubled down on the basics during this time. She worked on drinking more water and doing it more consistently, she worked on some great habits with her food, she worked on getting outside more and enjoying life with her kids and using her fitness.
Now, Amanda is back in the gym and crushing it! She’s been making amazing progress, feeling healthy, alive, and able to maintain the habits we created over the quarantine.

Ben Pic.jpg
Ben Spong

“About a year in with OPEX and I’ve been consistent with 3-4 hour long workouts a week at the gym and I try to keep my diet pretty clean, but still struggle at times with snacks and portion control. Coach Kayla designs my gym programming specifically for me and oversees my workouts to make sure I’m doing it all correctly. She also provides guidance on my nutrition, mental well being, stress, and sleep which all play a more important role in my overall health than I ever realized. 

OPEX’s personalized programming, support and accountability from the coaches, and the camaraderie and social connections with other like minded people have helped me significantly improve my physique, fitness, and confidence to do the things I want outside the gym. There’s no magic diet or exercise I am doing, but rather I have just made it a habit to follow the expertly designed program Kayla creates based on my goals, abilities, and progression. 

A great, personalized coach has made everything easier and results better than I could have imagined.”