B.S. - Sports Management

M.S. - Exercise Science - Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Kayla, owner and coach of OPEX Morgantown, brings experience to the table with her unique background in a variety of sports as both an athlete and coach.

Kayla graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in sports management and a master's degree in exercise science and health promotion with a concentration in performance enhancement and injury prevention. As an undergrad at Cal U, Kayla was a 4-time letter winner in basketball, garnering All-American honors as a senior. While studying for her master's degree, Kayla was a strength and conditioning graduate assistant, where she developed and implemented strength and conditioning protocols for all of Cal U's athletic teams. Following her time at Cal U, Kayla competed professionally for the Le Havre Al Aplemont basketball club in Le Havre, France. Upon returning to the States, Kayla acted as assistant basketball coach at Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, a position where she was responsible for team strength and conditioning programs, recruiting athletes, and coaching. Following her position as the assistant basketball coach at Kutztown University, Kayla was the general manager and head coach at a CrossFit facility for 4 years. Throughout Kayla’s time competing in CrossFit, Kayla was a four-time team member at the Atlantic Regionals competition and received two individual invitations.

Kayla has found that her passion lies in aiding in the development of each individual person holistically. Focusing on strengthening the person’s current abilities, identify and overcoming underlying deficits, and developing a relationship with each member of OPEX Morgantown is what Kayla truly believes is the key for long term success.

Through the model of Individual Design Programming, Kayla has witnessed the impact it has had on her athletes, of all lifestyles, ages, and varying goals, both within the walls of the gym and in their everyday lives. It is within this model that people are able to express their personal “why” for their journey and unlock untold potential.  


B.S. Business Administration

OPEX CCP Coach In Progress

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Matt has been in the OPEX model of fitness for 3 years through a remote coaching program with Bryan St. Andrews at OPEX State College.  Through exploring the benefits of the OPEX model, Matt began to realize that his passion for fitness and health could be fully realized by introducing the OPEX model to others.


Matt graduated from West Virginia University in 2019 with a bachelor degree in Business Administration.  In his years at WVU, he made Dean’s List and graduated with honors.  During his college career, Matt was introduced to the sport of functional fitness and quickly fell in love.  He became a coach at a local CrossFit box and has coached there for 3 years.  Also, he has competed in the sport of CrossFit at the regional, national, and international levels.


Matt has experience with all aspects of the OPEX model from his competitive and coaching careers.  He has knowledge in various nutritional methods and has an excellent understanding of what it takes to begin to nourish your body through food.  With his mother being a physical therapist and spending many hours in local clinics as a P.T. aid, he has increased his knowledge of the human body and how it functions.  Additionally, he experienced some techniques to making the human body move in the correct ways through rehabilitating exercises.  Finally, his experience in the OPEX model and in the competitive atmosphere has helped him realize that everyone’s needs are varied.  He understands that everyone has their own goals and needs for the functions of their lives, and he wants to help everyone reach their fullest life potential.


Matt continuously seeks to learn and expand his knowledge and understanding of how fitness can help improve his client’s total lifestyle and achieve their fullest potential.  We are excited to add him to our tribe!

David Guggeis


David, our newest floor coach, is one of our current clients who joined our tribe in the early stages of opening OPEX Morgantown and has been an integral part of our community since. David is a full-time member of the Army National Guard. Since joining the Army, David is now an Air Assault School graduate, earned the 2019 West Virginia Army National Guard Best Warrior Competitor and was named the Distinguished Leader at the Construction Supervisor Advanced Leadership Course. In addition to his well-established leadership background in his line of work, David brings a great sense of eagerness to learn in his coaching role, as well as a unique experience as to why fitness is so important to him.


In 2014, as a freshman in college, David began to explore what his body and mind were capable of in order to lose weight. Upon losing 70+ pounds, David has been able to sustain this healthier lifestyle for many years to follow. Through this, David has been able to see first-hand the positive impact on daily movement and nutrition while also balancing a full-time, physically demanding career. 


David initially joined OPEX as a client to add diversity to his workouts and increase overall function in his daily routine. He believes that the OPEX model and individualized design is the optimal way to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle for all persons in order to achieve long-term results. He also feels that this model is ideal for anyone looking to improve function in any area of their lives. David is excited to be a part of the OPEX coaching staff and states that his goal is “to tailor workouts to the demands of the specific person to make day to day function easier.” We are thrilled to have David in our tribe!